The Costly Business of Product Returns

The Costly Business of Product Returns

According to the National Retail Federation, in America alone, retailers receive $ 260 billion in merchandise returned to retailers. Most of these product returns are either returned due to substandard quality of the product, damage during transportation, or because of the substandard manufacturing process used by the vendors. This can be extremely dangerous for your business, as retailers, in turn, get back to the suppliers, who go mad at the vendors and the chain ends on the vendors who experience a loss in their business. amount of money in returned products, standards non-conformity. Also, other defects can be easily avoided by rendering the services of a quality inspection organization like Tetra Inspection.


Services Offered

Tetra Inspection offers quality inspection services that are internationally acceptable and digitally backed. All the services will help you in improving your final product and reducing the amount of revenue loss.

We offer a variety of quality control solutions like:

Product Inspection


Tetra inspection QC


Supplier Audit Services



Amazon FBA Inspection

  • Amazon FBA inspection

Countries We Cover

Currently, we cover a range of countries, and their quality inspection processes are mastered by our specialist auditors. The countries that we currently operate in include:

As such, Tetra Inspection covers a vast area of operations from East Asia to Africa and Europe. This gives Tetra Inspection the versatility to operate in different regions, with different country policies and master them.

Asia Africa Europe
China Morocco Portugal

Factory Audit and Inspection in India

India Quality Inspection

Egypt Turkey
Bangladesh South Africa  
Hong Kong    
South Korea    


Our Expertise

We at Tetra Inspection deal with all products ranging from electronics to garments

Product inspection 

Hardline Products


Softline Products

  • Garments
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Other Apparel Products Inspection


  • All sorts of toys made of all materials

Electronic Products

  • Household Product Inspections
  • Lighting Products Inspection
  • Consumer Electronics Inspection

How Will You Benefit from Seeking Tetra Inspection Services?

Quality Inspection is extremely important for your products. As you can be at ease from the last-minute hassles of product returns from the client. Furthermore, you can avoid the millions of dollars worth of re-work price that you might have to pay for sending the products back to vendors after client rejection. Also, you can stay in line with the local regulations of the different countries where your products are sold to.



Thus, you can save thousands of dollars on your shipments by using the quality inspection services of Tetra Inspection. Also can maintain your reputation and market presence no matter what. With Tetra Inspection’s quality monitoring techniques, now you can enjoy seamless supply chain management from the moment the raw material leaves the vendor to the point when it reaches your client.

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Our Expertise

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Proactive toys and children’s products quality control strategy is employed by our regulatory experts & professionals to verify the design, safety & quality.

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