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Tetra Inspection Expertise in Toys and Children’s Products (Stuffed)

Stuffed Toys Inspection strategy is employed by our regulatory experts and professionals to verify the design, safety, and quality of a variety of toys and children’s products with innovative assurance, testing, inspection, and certification services.

Tetra Inspection offers toys and children’s products inspection services at every stage of the supply chain: from sourcing new suppliers to in-process toy quality control and final inspection.

Toys and children’s products inspection services at every stage of the supply chain: from sourcing new suppliers, through to in-process toy quality control.

Stuffed Toys Inspection and Children’s Products Quality Control Approach

Quality control of toy products requires considerable on-site experience and close attention to detail. Tetra Inspection technical engineers customize our standard Product Checklist by adding specific tests to meet your quality requirements. 

Main Tests Performed During an Inspection of Toys and Children’s Products

Stuffed Toys Quality Control
Stuffed Toys Inspection

Main Types of stuffed toys

Stuffed toys are made from a combination of different materials, these children’s toys come in different forms and shapes such as animals Disney characters, balls, pillows…etc, The most remarkable animals come with huge proportions or features, in some occasions, they exceed the size of a human adult.

They can be manufactured from different materials, such as outer material and synthetic fiber for the stuffing. usually, these toys are designed for kids, but stuffed toys are famous for a range of ages and uses.

The complexity of these toys requires a regular toys inspection strategy and testings to make sure they are safe for your children, especially for children under 3 years old.

Main Types of Stuffed Toys Products

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