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Bags Inspection and Accessories require special expertise by highly professional quality control inspectors to ensure high quality and conformity to specifications. Bag manufacturing in China, and Asia in general poses a significant manufacturing challenge, the typical quality issues faced by brands and retailers are color transfer, mold, weak tear resistance, wrinkle marks caused by wrong packing method, and a host of other problems.

Tetra Inspection offers bags inspection services at every stage of the supply chain, from sourcing new suppliers to in-process bags and accessories quality control and final shipment. Our expertise includes product categories such as tote bags, weekender bags, handbags, hard case boxes, and backpack inspection. 

Tetra Inspection verifies the quality, specifications, functions, and safety of your products and compliance of your textile products with relevant international standards.

Pre-customs clearance Inspection or locally called “the Previo en Origen” is a type of inspection that is carried out prior to the dispatch. footwear inspection

Bags Testing & Quality Control Approach

Quality Control and inspection of bags requires considerable on-site experience and close attention to detail. Tetra Inspection technical engineers customize our standard Product Checklist by adding specific tests to meet your quality requirements.

Main Tests Performed During a Bags and Accessories Inspection

Pre-customs clearance Inspection or locally called “the Previo en Origen” is a type of inspection that is carried out prior to the dispatch. footwear inspection

Comprehensive Luggage Testing Procedures for Quality Control and Safety

Luggage testing is a crucial process to ensure that luggage is suitable for travel and meets the necessary quality and safety requirements. This travel accessory is subjected to various stress factors during transit, such as rough handling, stacking, and shifting, and must withstand them.


Our comprehensive luggage testing process includes a thorough examination of the luggage’s visible defects, such as scratches, dents, or color fading, as well as the strength and durability of its zippers, handles, and wheels. We use specialized equipment and procedures to test its performance and safety parameters, such as impact resistance, water resistance, and load capacity.



To test impact resistance, we conduct drop tests to evaluate the luggage’s ability to withstand rough handling during transit. We also conduct wheel testing to ensure that the wheels are durable, stable, and rotate smoothly, while handle testing checks the handle’s strength, comfort, and ease of use.



We understand that luggage comes in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Therefore, we customize our testing procedures to meet the specific requirements of our clients and their luggage. We also ensure that our luggage testing complies with the relevant international quality control standards.


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Bags Inspection

Type of Bags and Accessories Inspected by Tetra Inspection

Bags and accessories play a major role in the fashion world, it’s considered that no outfit is complete without a bag or a fashion accessory to match. From sports bags, travel bags, to wallets the manufacturing process of these bags are very complex and requires a thorough quality control checklist to ensure it complies with the destination country regulation and client’s quality standard.

Main bags and accessories type

How Tetra Inspection performs bag testing

When it comes to bag testing and inspection, our quality control inspectors use a variety of techniques to ensure that bags and accessories meet the desired standards. For instance, through visual inspection, we examine the bags for defects such as scratches, marks, stains, and incorrect stitching. 


Our functional testing for bags involves checking the bags’ functionality, such as zippers, handles, and closures. In addition, we also conduct several tests to evaluate bags’ materials, such as tensile strength, water resistance, colorfastness.



At Tetra Inspection, we use a combination of traditional and modern testing techniques to ensure the highest quality bags and accessories. We also provide customized testing plans for each client’s unique needs, taking into account the product’s materials, intended use, and destination country regulations.


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