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Premium Quality Control & Quality Assurance Services Across 40 countries

Quality control has repeatedly proven to be one of the biggest cost detriments to internationally sourced products. In America alone, retailers annually receive more than $260 billion in merchandise returns, mostly due to issues with product quality. These returns add up quickly with industry standard return postage and refund costs. With the ease of company contact, fast shipping, and the speed of online reviews, a single bad shipment can quickly cripple a company’s finances and reputation.

Inside Factory Inspection

Product Inspection


Tetra Inspection is a product inspection company that specializes on offering excellent quality assurance and control services across various sectors. Our expert team of inspectors has the skills and background required to thoroughly evaluate softline products like textiles, apparel, footwear, fabrics, bags, and accessories.


In addition, we offer inspection services for hardline goods including machinery, building materials, kitchenware, and furniture. Also, we provide inspection services for consumer electronics, lighting, and household appliances. Our team of inspectors are also well-trained to inspect baby toys made of wood, stuffed, or plastic, and toys for children.


We are committed to ensuring that all our clients receive comprehensive and detailed product inspections that adhere to international standards. With our advanced inspection equipment and techniques, we guarantee accurate and reliable product assessments.



Textiles & Garments


Bags & Accessories



Homeware & Kitchenware
Building Materials



Household Appliances
Consumer Electronics



Baby Toys (Wood)
Baby Toys (Stuffed)
Baby Toys (Plastic)

Quality control should be a top priority for companies in this day and age.


Product Inspection

We offer a variety of product inspection services including initial production inspections, during production inspections, pre-shipment inspections, and container loading checks. Our holistic inspection process uses these four phases to ensure your product’s quality from the first item on the production line to the last box on the shipping container.


Supplier Audit

Having a reliable and reputable supplier is absolutely vital to a successful supply chain. While there are many suppliers across our client countries, it can be challenging to find one that has the consistency and reputation you desire. Our audit process uses a three step process to verify their qualities as a producer.

Quality control solutions should be a top priority for companies in this day and age.

Especially with so many products manufactured in foreign countries with such a wide variety of work environment and quality standards! Rectifying this is often complicated and expensive when dealing with contracted testers who don’t necessarily share your company’s vision for high quality products. Finding foreign testers focused on high returns can be challenging and costly. We aim to make this process simple and inexpensive for you and your business.

We Provide Powerful Solutions That Transform Your Busines

  • If a shipment is incorrectly labeled, it could be shipped to the wrong address, filled with the incorrect items, or not even leave the warehouse at all. labeling requirements are crucial.
  • While there are often naturally small blemishes and traces of dirt among packaged products, there are a series of problems and defects that could occur within your order, either due to the carelessness of the producers or the disloyalty of the supplier.
  • A lot of suppliers do not offer any kind of refund once they ship the products so if you find issues with your products, you cannot do anything about it. It doesn’t just waste money but your precious time as well.

We Provide Powerful Solutions That Transform Your Business


At Tetra Inspection, your quality is our goal. We work tirelessly to ensure your products are the very best they can be. With our services, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your orders will be fully correct and in line with the standards you set for your customers. We offer a wide variety of service offerings sure to match with your products.

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A network of 350 inspectors and auditors across 40 countries, covering a wide range of product categories: Softlines, Hardlines, Electronics, and Toys.

Trust, honesty, and skills are the must-have values needed to join the Tetra Inspection team. A thorough background check is performed on every candidate before they are accepted on the team. Hire the best Quality Control Inspectors.

Quality control should be a top priority for companies in this day and age.


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