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Saber Certificate: How to Obtain Your Certificate of Conformity

In Saudi Arabia, importers must adhere to strict regulations and quality standards to ensure the safety and quality of the products they bring into the country. One essential requirement for importers is obtaining a Saber certificate, also known as a certificate of conformity. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the Saber certificate, its significance, and the process involved in obtaining it. Whether you’re an importer or someone interested in understanding the requirements, this article will guide you through the essential aspects of Saber certification.


Saber Certificate: How to Obtain Your Certificate of Conformity

What is a Saber Certificate?

The Saber certificate, or certificate of conformity, is an official document issued by accredited conformity assessment bodies in Saudi Arabia. It serves as proof that a specific product meets the relevant technical regulations and specifications established by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO). The primary purpose of the Saber certificate is to ensure that imported products comply with safety, health, and quality standards, safeguarding consumers in Saudi Arabia.

Why is Obtaining a Saber Certificate Necessary?

Having a Saber certificate is a mandatory requirement for importers in Saudi Arabia. It guarantees that the imported products conform to the applicable technical regulations, minimizing potential consumer risks. By enforcing the certification process, the Saudi government ensures that products sold within the country meet stringent safety and quality standards, enhancing consumer protection and fostering fair trade practices.

Products Requiring a Saber Certificate

Certain products imported into Saudi Arabia require a product certification TO ensure compliance with the country’s technical regulations and specifications. While the specific product categories subject to the Saber certification may vary, it generally includes a wide range of consumer goods.


These products may include:


  • Home Appliances: Various household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and televisions.
  • Vehicle Spare Parts: Parts and components used in automobiles, motorcycles, and other vehicles.
  • Lighting and LED Products: Lighting fixtures, bulbs, LED strips, and related electrical equipment.
  • Textiles: Clothing, fabrics, carpets, and other textile-based products.
  • Electrical and Electronic Devices: Gadgets, electronic accessories, and other electrical devices.
  • Building Materials: Construction materials, including paints, coatings, and insulation products.
  • Toys and Children’s Products: Toys, games, and items designed for children.
  • Personal Care Products: Cosmetics, toiletries, and personal hygiene items.
  • Food and Beverages: Certain food products and beverages may also require Saber certification, mainly if they fall under specific regulatory requirements.

Required Documents for Obtaining a Product's Conformity Certificate

To facilitate the issuance of certificates of conformity, importers must provide all the necessary data and technical files for the registered products. These documents include:


  • Importer’s commercial registration (Saudi CR)
  • Product name in Arabic and English
  • Description of all items and their features in Arabic and English
  • Manufacturer’s name and address in Arabic and English
  • Clear, high-resolution product images
  • Previous test reports, if available

It is crucial to ensure the completeness and accuracy of these documents to expedite the process.

Saber Registration Process System

Obtaining a Saber certificate involves several steps, ensuring a thorough product compliance assessment. Here’s an overview of the Saber registration process system:


Step 1: Free Clearance Documents Audit

Before starting the registration process, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of a consultant who can audit your clearance documents. This audit helps determine the relevant reference standards and technical regulations applicable to your products, providing valuable guidance.


Step 2: Get Financial & Technical Quotation

Once the clearance documents are audited, you can obtain a financial and technical quotation from the consultant. This quotation will outline the costs of the certification process, including the necessary tests and assessments.


Step 3: Create Your Account at Saber

To initiate the Saber certification process, you must create an account on the Saber platform. If you need an existing account, this step will help you with the account creation process.


Step 4: Register Your Shipments with HS Code

After creating your Saber account, you must register your shipments using the appropriate Harmonized System (HS) code. The HS code helps classify the imported items correctly, ensuring accurate assessment and certification.


Step 5: Apply for a Product Certificate of Conformity (PCOC)

To apply for the Saber certificate, complete all the technical files and submit the required documents to the notified body through the Saber system. This step involves providing detailed information about the product, including its name, description, manufacturer’s details, and high-resolution images.


Step 6: Apply for Shipment Certification (SCOC)

Once the product certificate of conformity (PCOC) is obtained, the next step is to review the commercial invoice and apply for shipment certification (SCOC). The SCOC allows your products to access the Saudi market through the customs clearance process smoothly.

Conformity Certificate Requirements for Products Manufactured and Sold in the Kingdom

If you are a manufacturer or distributor selling products within the Saudi Arabian market, it is crucial to understand the conformity certificate requirements. These requirements ensure that your products meet the necessary technical standards and comply with the regulations set by the Saudi Standards Organization. You demonstrate your commitment to consumer safety and product quality by obtaining a conformity certificate.


To successfully navigate the conformity certificate process, consider the following key points:


Familiarize Yourself with Saudi Technical Regulations:

It is essential to have a clear understanding of the technical regulations applicable to your specific product category. These regulations outline the required standards and specifications that your product must meet. Accessing the Saudi Standards Organization’s website or seeking guidance from regulatory experts can provide you with comprehensive information on the specific requirements for your product.


Prepare the Required Technical Documentation:

You must submit detailed technical documentation related to your product as part of the conformity certificate application process. This documentation helps the conformity assessment bodies evaluate your product’s compliance with the applicable regulations. The technical documentation typically includes product specifications, design drawings, test reports, manufacturing processes, and other relevant data. Providing accurate and complete documentation is crucial for a smooth certification process.


Engage a Recognized Conformity Assessment Body:

You must work with a recognized conformity assessment body to obtain a conformity certificate. The authority accredits these bodies and has the expertise to evaluate your product’s conformity to the required standards. Research and select a reputable conformity assessment body specializing in your product category. Consider their experience, track record, and accreditation status to ensure they meet the necessary criteria.


Arrange for Product Testing, if Required:

Conformity assessment bodies may sometimes require additional product testing to verify compliance with technical regulations. This testing ensures your product meets safety, performance, and quality standards. If testing is necessary, collaborate with the chosen conformity assessment body to understand the specific testing requirements and procedures. They will guide you through the process and provide instructions on submitting the samples for testing.


Submit the Application and Required Documents:

Once you have prepared all the necessary documentation, submit your application for the conformity certificate. The application process is typically conducted through an electronic platform like the Saber platform. Ensure that you provide all the required documents accurately and promptly. All information must be present to ensure the certification process is completed on time.


Await the Conformity Assessment Body’s Decision:

After submitting your application, the conformity assessment body will review the provided documentation and assess your product’s conformity to the technical regulations.


The assessment process may involve document review, testing, factory inspections, or other necessary evaluation methods for your product category. Be patient during this phase, as the time required for assessment may vary depending on the complexity of the product and the workload of the conformity assessment body.


Receive the Conformity Certificate:

Once your product has met all the requirements, the conformity assessment body will issue a conformity certificate. This certificate proves that your product conforms to the applicable technical regulations.


The validity of the conformity certificate is typically one year from the date of issuance. It is crucial to monitor the certificate’s expiration date and initiate the renewal process in a timely manner to ensure uninterrupted compliance. 

How Tetra Inspection Can Help with Saber Certification

Navigating the complex Saber certification process for importing goods into Saudi Arabia can be daunting. 


Tetra Inspection is here to alleviate your worries and ensure compliance. With our in-depth knowledge, meticulous documentation review, and expert guidance, we streamline your certification journey. We will conduct comprehensive product testing, liaise with conformity assessment bodies, and handle application submissions while keeping you informed every step. 


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