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Tetra Inspection Expertise in Footwear Inspection

Footwear is a highly complex product that uses a wide range of materials and requires a number of different production processes. This makes footwear testing and footwear quality control a highly demanding and specialized process.

Our footwear inspection expertise will help you achieve the highest quality and safety standards. We cover all categories, including fashion, formal shoes, sports shoes, etc.

Tetra Inspection verifies your footwear for compliance with relevant standards applicable to your product’s destination. These include US, EU, and numerous other standards.

Pre-customs clearance Inspection or locally called “the Previo en Origen” is a type of inspection that is carried out prior to the dispatch. footwear inspection

Footwear Quality Control Approach

Quality control of footwear products requires considerable on-site experience and a sense of detail. To provide a comprehensive footwear inspection service, we use advanced testing methods that are designed to detect defects and ensure that your footwear products meet relevant regulations and standards. 


Footwear Testing Methods: Advanced Techniques We Use

Our testing methods include the carton drop test, slip resistance test, sole bonding test, material strength check, humidity content check, symmetry check, endurance check, sharp component check, mold contamination check, size fitting test, measurement check, rub test, odor check, barcode scanning, and weight check. Our inspectors are highly trained and experienced in using these testing methods to identify potential quality issues.



Our Footwear inspectors have long experience and a proven track record of footwear product testing for a minimum of 5 years.

Pre-customs clearance Inspection or locally called “the Previo en Origen” is a type of inspection that is carried out prior to the dispatch.
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Different types of Footwear products

Footwear products serve an essential need which is to protect our feet, however, during the recent decades, the footwear industry has turned to become a major fashion component as well as a highly specialized piece of equipment for athletes, divers, performers, and workers. 


To achieve this, several patents and technologies were used to increase its performance and durability. This makes footwear inspection a prominent step for every footwear importer or buyer.

Main Types of footwear and shoes

Footwear Quality Assurance: How We Ensure Quality Standards

At Tetra Inspection, we understand the importance of quality assurance in the footwear industry. Our quality assurance approach involves a systematic inspection process that checks for conformity to applicable regulations, standards, and client specifications. We utilize advanced testing equipment to ensure that your footwear products meet your quality expectations. Our quality control specialists work closely with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that every stage of the production process meets your quality standards.


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