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China exports millions of products monthly and every retailer, brand, or importer needs a China inspection company that visits the factories at the source and arranges the inspection of quality control of the products before the shipment.

What type of product inspection in China does an importer require?

Product inspection in china

The inspection definition means that an agent is sent to the factory to see each and every product if it is manufactured correctly making sure that the quality of the product is good. An agent selects a product from a box and opens it to test it.

There are many types of inspectors. Some inspectors are specialized in food inspection, electronic product inspection, garment products inspection, and many different kinds.

The inspector conducts a visual inspection and then begins to use tools to test each product’s quality by conducting a test. The inspector then signs a product audit that is sent to the client for approval. An inspector quality control or commonly named QC is a person who holds a degree in product quality assurance.

Many companies source products from China but they forget that a very vital step in importing these products is Product Inspection in China. You may be given a sample for testing and find out that it’s perfect. But once production is made the quality of the product changes. This is the main reason why you need a product inspection agent to make sure that you are importing the perfect sourced item.

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What type of inspection does an importer require?

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